All our team try to understand your business and give you support in any way we can. As the business world has various obstacles that get in your way of running a successful business. Hiscox Partners are born and bred in Western Australia, with all our team knowing the local market well. Every client has a dedicated team made up of the partner, business service manager and administration support. This team remains the same from year to year for you.

Our business services include

  • Preparation of Financial Statements for the period required: Yearly, quarterly, monthly
  • Budgets and Forecasting
  • Business sale or purchase
  • Management meetings
  • Management reports
  • Business Plans
  • Formation of the required business structures
  • Review of business performances

Key business issues

  • Restructures to ensure your personal assets are safe in terms of ligation. Also keeping your affairs as simple as possible but ensure you get the best benefits
  • Sale or purchase of a business. Sale or purchase of a business can be stressful. If selling you have to ensure that you get the best price and the sale goes smoothly. You must take steps before putting the business on the market. In buying a business you must ensure you are getting what you have paid for and not end up with a mess.
  • Bank facilities review. Many businesses are not happy with their banks. Therefore we take a review of their banking facilities and ensure they are getting the best rates and the least amount of fees. We review the business affairs and source the best bank for their affairs.
  • Business direction. A lot of businesses lose direction. “Can’t see the forest for the trees’. We try to set a clear path for your business.
  • Allowing employees access to ownership of your company if desired.
  • Business Management advice in all aspects including HR.